International Academy
for Human Sciences and Culture

Psychological counseling and training

International Academy for Human Sciences and Culture and its institutes – Psychological Institute for Peace Research and Peace Education and Psychological Counseling and Research Institute for Sexuality, Marriage and Family, both founded in 1988 – offer courses, further education courses and seminars, as well as counseling and psychotherapy to lay people and professionals. The Academy also offers holistic education and training in pedagogy, peace education, psychology, peace studies, psychology and law, counseling and psychotherapy. The courses emphasize the fundamental importance of love in all areas of life and for the construction of a humane society. The Psychology of the Capacity to Know and to Love, which the Academy represents, contributes to the joy of learning, strengthens human relationships and shows ways to resolve conflicts and achieve peace.

Our program at a glance:

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Training Analysis and Self-Awareness, Coaching, Supervision and Practice Support

Education and Further Training

Psychology and Law / Psychological Business Consulting


Social Projects and Cooperation