International Academy
for Human Sciences and Culture

The courses emphasize the fundamental importance of love in all areas of life and for the construction of a humane society. The Psychology of the Capacity to Know and to Love, which the Academy represents, contributes to the joy of learning, strengthens human relationships, and shows ways to resolve conflicts and achieve peace. In addition to its courses, seminars and projects, the Academy facilitates psychological and psychotherapeutic help for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, as well as for marriages and families. The Academy is also concerned, among other things, with intercultural understanding and the challenge of building a culture of learning and peace. It offers peace projects for families, schools, institutions and communities according to their needs.

Scientific research has confirmed the experience from practice that even in the case of serious physical complaints and illnesses it is beneficial to make use of psychotherapy in addition to medical care. This is because body and soul are closely connected. A successful psychotherapy has many positive consequences on partnership, family, health and work situation, which means more quality of life. This is not least because good psychotherapy reduces anxiety and stress and strengthens the ability to talk to each other and build relationships. The client-therapist relationship is characterized by mutual respect, goodwill and honesty. As a relationship of trust, it requires absolute openness on the part of the client and confidentiality on the part of the therapist. Psychotherapy and teaching analysis are processes of learning and development. In these processes, cognitive and loving abilities are strengthened and integrated, overcoming negative personality aspects and releasing resources. Of course, this requires discipline, time and patience.

Counseling and psychotherapy sessions and phone consultations and Skype/MS Teams: CHF 180.-/ 50 minutes*

Two person, couple and marriage counseling sessions/therapies: CHF 200.-/ 50 minutes*

Family counseling sessions, family therapies: CHF 220.-/ 50 minutes*

Psychotherapeutic home visits above rates plus CHF 0.90 /km*

First session to be paid in cash.The International Academy for Human Sciences and Culture (in Walenstadt and Zurich, Switzerland) and its institutes - Psychological Institute for Peace Studies and Peace Education and Psychological Counseling and Research Institute for Sexuality, Marriage and Family, both founded in 1988 - offer continuing education courses and seminars as well as psychological counseling and psychotherapy to lay people and professionals. The Academy also offers holistic education and training in pedagogy, peace education, psychology, peace studies, psychology and law, counseling and psychotherapy.